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Born to reggae (reggae-reggae)

A house in the sun
All the neighbors await in the garden
For the happy new fan
That is near will be starting the party
And then I am born
At this fam and the garden is playing
My fellows get me birthday song
Everybody is singing along

I am born to reggae
Born to reggae
I feel the reggae rhythm going under my skin
Born to reggae
I am born to reggae (reggae-reggae)
Born to reggae (reggae-reggae)
It's more intoxicating than a bottle of gin
Born to reggae

The house in the sun
It is now the hotel and the garden
It's a holiday park
Every night a Carribean party
I sing with the band
And the people are drinking and dancing
At midnight I sing a song
That everybody is singing along


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    третья попытка. пока ничо не понимаю, вроде все на месте, послушное, рвется в бой, но чото не мое. подробности позже, пока не готов делиться. ;)

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    1. isemaster подкинул ссылку на наборчик для электрифицирования веселопеда. свой курочить не хочется; если желание набухнет - возьму…

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